There's been a lot of hype around Bungie's latest AAA title Destiny. People seems to love to hate it, even medias seem to force themselves to hate it because it's not what it was marketed. PR described the game in a way that isn't representative of the state of the released product.

What I think happened here is Activision marketed their vision of what the final game would be while Bungie were working on a totally different product. What I'm trying to say here is: Ignore the marketing and the press and discover the game for what it really is. My perfect description of Destiny would be an online action role playing game. It isn't massive like advertised, but it's still an action-packed RPG with gear grinding, item rarity, skills, etc.

One thing I'd like to point is how poorly the story is told in the game. If you read any of the game lore online or in the trailers the story seems deep and full of mystery while in reality it's almost a-la Titanfall: a few audio tracks during a loading sequence. Fortunately, sometimes there's cool animation sequences to enrich the storytelling.

A few features really needs mention in my opinion like the user interface which I found totally revolutionary. The layered interface Bungie came up with is intuitive, fast to use and totally controller-friendly. Every screen is detailed with useful information, every item has its own kick-ass fullscreen detailed view and it's incredibly easy to switch weapon from pretty much anywhere in the game.

Land vehicles are also one of my favourite aspect of the game, it's so easy to fly through bunch of enemies to rapidly get to a location, or simply going crazy on the moon's various jumps. It's far from a racing game, controls are a bit clunky but once you're used to them it's easy to have a lot of fun with the Sparrow.

I never was a fan of Halo, for some reason I swapped gaming with music for a few years and totally missed the Halo craze. I always heard the series had one of the most tight and enjoyable first person shooter controls. I have no problem in believing that statement because Destiny's combat mechanics are wonderful and makes the game good by themselves. I'm personally a Warlock and it's insane to blast huge energy balls in an army of Vandals to see them desintegrate into thin air.

Basically, I believe Destiny is a very good starting ground for a future online persistent experience. It's nothing huge, nothing revolutionary but it's a mashup of what made games like World of Warcraft, Borderlands, Diablo and Counter Strike unforgetable titles. I still think it lacks something, I keep feeling a little "I don't know why but I can't stop playing" but this simple fact reassures me about the franchise's future. I hope Bungie will keep working hard on their title, with a little bit of effort this could become a must-buy with next-gen consoles.