After 3 years of denying my love for the warcraft universe, I started playing Hearthstone and damn I loved it! Then I started watching Twitch live streams more and more, which lead me to watch some good World of Warcraft streams. You know, exactly like hard drugs.

Their upcoming expansion Warlords of Draenor introduces new character models, new level 90 content, level 90 character boost, new insanely awesome garrisons and cool new stories with heroes & vilains and a new Draenor continent.

After passing more than 5 hours leveling, being a level 11 Orc Warlock I just wanted to jump in the action with my friends and be done with the low level zone I already did more than 10 times now. It was obvious, I had to pre-order it. That's what I did to get astonished by the fact that I already got Mist of Pandaria and a level 90 character boost to start with in bonus with the upcoming Warlords of Draenor expansion.

So much has changed over the years, yet it still has this same feeling. It just felt like home the second I started the game back and it's been a delight since last week. I've been raiding and doing world bosses with @DuckSauceTV, I must say World of Warcraft is still the best MMORPG I've played. I mean Guild Wars 2 is a game I love and thought that made me forget about WoW but in the end, after three years I jumped back into it.

If you play add me up Shreds#1909, see you online!